“Law of Life or Death? Romans Study: Chapter 2.” By Melodie Rose Jordan.

I’ve taken time to distinctively study this chapter because I have been stumbling on making sure I speak the right words that make sense and are according to the Word. If you read my first blog of this series, you have taken a toe step into this deep pool we’re going to be study. Before we begin, let’s start with prayer: “Dear Beautiful Abba, thank you so much again for being the God you are and supplying us with your Holy Word. Thank you for loving us deeper than the seas You created. Help me and those who read this understand what You want us to know about You. We love you, Lord. Amen. 

Chapter 1 of Romans is basically the front point of our lives today. There is a thick line in the sand that is this: follow the Law of God or of Man? There are a lot of lost people right now thinking this world is safe and that sin is wonderful. It’s so sad to see people being poisoned by the evilness that sin is. In Chapter 2, we continue with Paul addressing how God judges sin: 

God’s Judgement of Sin: “What terrible people are you talking about?” You are just as bad, and you have no excuse! Let’s stop there. What did your mind process over that? Clearly Paul isn’t just talking about people who live of sin. He’s talking about christians as well. We’re all marked by sin and it’s evil design. None of us are immune to it. Paul is stressing that there is no escape from sin as long as we remain apart from Christ. Only through Christ shall we ever conqueror from sins chains. In verses 2-3 it states: “And we know that God, in His justice, will punish anyone who does such things. Do you think God will judge and condemn others for doing them and not judge you? OUCH. I have sadly seen people who are saved thinking that they got their free ticket from sin and was given the power to judge others. THAT IS NOT OUR PLACE. That wasn’t even JESUS’S PLACE. For I have not come down to the world to condemn it, but to save it.” John 3:17. When we asked Jesus in, yes we are given the same power to withhold from sins grasp. That doesn’t mean sin is gone. That’s never going to happen until we enter to Heaven. We’re called to love not judge. In verse 4 it says that God is kind, patient, and loving with us. He doesn’t automatically let down His judgment. He allows time for us to fix our mistakes. Wow. 

I’m leaving this on these questions. “are you afraid of being judged? Or are you wanting to judge? Are you a captive of sin or condemning others who are captives? Are you playing games with sin or playing games with God? Ask God go help and examine your heart tonight.