“Living as A Modern Day Ruth: Day Two.” By: Melodie Rose Jordan. 

One main personal question I had to face when I left my last relationship was, “what now?” I had left one life I was comfortable with to one that felt like it was on an unlit path. I remember the feelings I first felt when I became single: scared, unsure, and doubtful. I was personally so far from God. I kind of began to resent Him for letting me go through so much grief. That was when I realized; the life I had was pushing me away, while God was pulling me in. Today we see Ruth experience the same thing. She entered her new life, and she knew she had some decisions to make for her future as well as Naomi’s. 

Ruth Chapter Two starts out with a wealthy Bethlehem man, Boaz. He owned a land that was plentiful with crops, and he had workers who would cut down the crops of barley and wheat in the fields and tie them into bundles. After a long days work, any crops that were not harvested could be picked up by poor people, which is called gleaning. It was served as for poor to have food to eat and the owners could not hoard any more than they should. Ruth and Naomi only carried themselves into this new land, so they really needed to harvest for themselves. Ruth approached Naomi and said, “Let me go into the fields to gather leftover grain behind anyone who will let me do it.” (Ruth 2:2) Naomi agreed and as Ruth went out into the land to glean, she happened to be working in the land that Boaz owned.

Let’s pause to reflect. Don’t you see God’s hand in this? This brave, kind woman decided to stay by her mother in law’s side to support and comfort her, and now she is working as well. God planned this to meet a true man of God, Boaz. When we trust God and His will for our lives, we can see past the suffering. 

Continuing, Boaz saw Ruth and approached her saying, “The Lord be with you!” Okay…if a man I never met greeted me like that I would fall over. Wow! Boaz was told by a foreman that Ruth was a woman of the Lord. For he knew that she just lost her husband and his relative Elimelech had passed as well, and Ruth chose to be merciful and loving to Naomi. Boaz was astounded by her character! So he told her to work with the other woman and harvest as much as she wanted and to drink plenty from his well. (Ruth 2:4-8)

Ruth was so blown away by his character and fell to his feet exclaiming, “Why are you so kind to me?! I am only a foreigner.” Boaz replied, “Yes I know, but I also know about the love and kindness you have shown your mother-in-law since he death of your husband. I heard how you left your mother and father in your own land to live hear among strangers. May the Lord, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to take refuge, reward you fully. (Ruth 2:10-12) 

So from that point on Boaz had Ruth work in his land so she was safe and had plenty to take back to Naomi. Boaz noticed Ruth’s character by how she worked to provide for her and Naomi, and how she entered a new life, trusting in God to lead her the way. Ruth noticed Boaz’s character by embracing her for the woman she was, not as a foreigner. He made sure that she had plenty to harvest and a place to rest. They both acknowledge God. That right there is so important to have in a stable, lasting relationship. 

Today, honor your husband, friend, or co-worker. Show them a inwardly kindness that is unlike this world. Demonstrate a godly character and help a hurt soul feel important. If you feel stuck or the path you’re on is just leading down a black hole, ask God to give you guidance and motivation to work for Him. 

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