“Death, Has Been Defeated.” By: Melodie Rose Jordan.

This weekend is an exciting time. Us followers of our Messiah come together, as a church, to praise and have fellowship. Reading the words of Luke 23 tonight, filled me with grief though. Imagining the actual event of an innocent, holy man being kicked, whipped, and crucified is nauseating. I can’t imagine being Mary, seeing her son go through that immense amount of torture, and being held back by those hateful guards. It’s heart breaking….

What kind of “death moment” are you in tonight? What “great sadness” has overcome you? Hear me, my brother and sister. There is no death to great for our God. I am not sure what circumstance you are in, but Jesus knows. He is reaching down from the throne of God, just waiting for you to take His hole pierced hands and to trust. 

When Jesus left us from His flesh, He gave us in return His Spirit. Every single day the Spirit awaits your awakening to give you strength, wisdom, love, and faith. 
Jesus’s death and resurrection is the best love story of them all. He kissed the cross, knowing His own blood would tear open the veil between our hearts and God’s. His return, will be the greatest wedding day because He will be returning for His bride. (Revelation 21:9.) 

Death, has been defeated. The grave, has been undone. The forcefield that seperated us from our home, has vanished. Death, has no victory. Jesus has won us all. 

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