“I am…” By: Melodie Rose Jordan

Who or what defines you? Your job? Your hobbies? Your relationships?

Maybe you’re the CEO of a huge franchise, and you go home to a luxury house full of luxury items. Yet…there is still too much space. 

Maybe you just got invited to a huge party by high maintenance guests, and you’re being adorned by swarms of people. Yet…you still feel loneliness in a crowded room. 

Maybe you’re on the streets again, hitting up some guys for a smoke or pill. Yet…not even the high can take away the pain.

Maybe you just got your heart broken, and you have to accept that person you still deeply love, is in love with someone else. 

Your occupation calls you CEO, but the enemy still calls you “a money hoarder.”

Your friends say they will always be there for you, but the enemy calls you “nothing worthwhile” 

Your heart tells you that certain person still cares for you, but the enemy says “you will never be loved” 

Your substances make you feel free, but the enemy says “you’re in chains for life” 

I want to know something, labels are not in place of identity. If the world says you are a “rich scum”, God says you are His inheritance. (Galatians 3:19) if the world says you will “never amount to any worth”, God looked at you worthy of everything, even more than diamonds.  (Isaiah 43:4) if this world calls you a “drug addict or lowlife trash” God calls you His child, love of His life. (Genesis 1:27)

Your world label has no worth, no meaning, and no power. God has called you His love, His prize, His creation. Now, who do you say you are? 

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