“Jesus Loves.” By: Melodie Rose Jordan. 

This post is for the one who is feeling alone tonight. 

The one who keeps glancing at their phone, awaiting that one special call from that one special someone. 

The one that just got off a late shift and is driving through an hour route.

The one who just got stood up by the same friend. 

The one who just broke off an engagement. 

The one who is standing on a ledge, debating if your life is worth it.

The one who feels like their breath is a waste of space.

The one who is left out on every social outing. 

The one who is laying in a strangers bed, feeling so dirty and used. 

The one who is staring at a pill in their hand, thinking that is the only thing that will get them through the night. 

The one who just drank three bottles, and still does not feel numb. 

The one who does not know what real love is. 

Let me tell you something, friend. There is someone who loves you. 

He loves every hair on your head. 

He loves your weight, height, and shape. 

He loves that you drink your coffee dark, and how you love to go out and adventure.

He loves you when you are with the right people, and the wrong. 

He loves you when you have harmed yourself late at night again. 

He loves you even though you make a mistake every single day. 

He loves when you cry out to Him when you feel so much pain. 

He loves you so much, he endured public flogging. 

He wore a crown of thorns; piercing into His skin. He let us mock, and spit at Him. 

He let us hammer nails into His hands and feet. 

He let us hang His body, covered with innocent blood, on a rugged tree. 

He let us watch Him die. 

He loves you so much, He didn’t think His life would be worth it without you. 

Unlike this world, Jesus knows you, and still loves you. 

Jesus dying our deserved death was unbearable, but what a reward to know that God won everything, which is us. 

Jesus is alive, and He wants you to be alive as well. 

Live loved, my beautiful friend. ❤

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