“Law of Life or Death? Romans Study: Chapter 4.” By Melodie Rose Jordan. 

I am so excited about this Romans Study. Not only about you who is reading this, but that the words I am typing I know come from God alone. I pray with my whole heart that this Study tonight will touch you in such an intimate way, and that the presence of our King will be overwhelming in you right now. 

Romans 4 is a layout of how much Abraham had faith in God. If you don’t know the back story, God revealed Himself to Abraham promising that He would be the “Father of our Nation” and so would his offspring. I put offspring in bold font for a special reason. Abraham and Sarah were trying desperately to have a child, a son. Over and over they failed. They were both on the brink of defeat when God came and spoke differently. It says in Romans 3 that, “God declared him to be righteous because of his faith. Abraham was the founder of the Jewish nation. He had no pride of himself from the good works he did.” 

Can we agree how difficult it is to be like that? I know I struggle with pride. I can get such a entitlement high when I know my works are seen by so many people and I get my praise. While I receive my “whoo hoo’s” I leave God locked in a closet behind me when I know He is the good work I’ve done. I believe Paul uses Abraham as such a strong example of someone with deep faith and humbleness is because our good works become our wages and our wages turn into our salvation through Christ. When we do acts of the gospel, God grants us our blessings. We can only receive them when we acknowledge that we are sinners, but God makes us righteous through His Son. Following God is to know that our new relationship with Him is by “spiritual faith” than by “good deeds”. Abraham’s path of choosing to trust God was not easy at all. The most wonderful news is that “God declares us righteous when we choose to have faith, even in the darkest moments.” 

I don’t know what mountain you’re facing. I don’t know what scars life has inflicted on you. I do know this, we are called to live by faith, not by sight. (2 Corinthians 5:7.) Begin today to trust God even through the storm. Trust the God who created the stars you see. That He can change you from deep within. 

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