“God Can Use You.” By: Melodie Rose Jordan.

Have you ever felt like you just were not good enough? Have you ever compared yourself to a famous person, a high leveled person, or even a close friend? Doesn’t it always seem like the most wealthiest, prettiest, and intelligent people get the most praise? You want to know something cool…God’s way is so much different. If you have noticed in the Bible, God appointed the most least fitting people you can imagine. Examples: Mary (just a simple woman, woman were know as less than and unimportance) David (committed adultery, murder), Paul (bashed Christianity), Moses (killed an Egyptian and could not speak well). The list goes on and on. One thing to grasp tonight: God will use you if you let Him work within you. Are you afraid or confused as to why God would use you? Well, it is confusing. We are all sinners and will always fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). The most fascinating about God is He WANTS to use us. You know how easy it could have been for God to get His point across on His own? How we all would already be bowing before the Heavenly throne? No…God wanted different. You see, God uses us because He believes in us. He sees us as his daughters and sons of Heaven. We are His tools for His kingdom. (Psalms 18:29) Wow, right? God blows me away. He is above all. He spoke life into this world with one breathe, but He sees us at the fitting piece in His works. So, now that you read this, take note that you ARE chosen. You ARE set apart. (Romans 8:28). God can use you. 😊❤😊❤😊❤

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