“Law of Life or Death? Romans Study: Chapter 3.” By: Melodie Rose Jordan. 

Last chapter’s study was a bit rough…well it’s time that we believers ruffle up some feathers. Learning about God is not something to be taken lightly. Following a narrow path means that we are going to have to be uncomfortable in order to fully change. We are never going to fully grasp the meaning of Christianity if we do not start understand that our lives are now surrendered to the King of Heaven. Let’s dig right in Chapter 3: 

Paul addresses in the first verse that Jews and Gentiles were split. Meaning one side lived their lives according to their own beliefs. As you know today: sex, drugs, pornography, stealing…you get the picture. The pagan Gentiles did not fear God nor His judgement. Jews however, were entrusted with the whole revelation of God (the race that the Messiah came through.) They feared God and lived their lives according to the Scriptures. Paul then addresses that some of the Gentiles slandered God and Paul himself because they believed that their sin brought out the glory of God. Meaning that, the more they sinned, the more God’s powers were glorified. Paul calls this way foolish. I have to agree. That’s like me stealing from the same gas station every week and getting caught by the police because I know they’re doing their job correctly and will get praised for it. Yeah…crazy. 

Continuing, Paul explains that just because there is crack in the road between the Jews and the Gentiles, that doesn’t mean one is better than the other. Verse 10 states: “No one is good, not even one.” No one seeks God or seeks to be good.” Ooh. That hurt. You see, sin is a barrier between God and us. We can do everything that is considered good, but if we do not humble ourselves and admit sin is holding us back, it is all for nothing. God is a just God, He has His judgement already laid out for each of our lives. 

So, you’re probably thinking how is there a way to God and to ever serve Him? Well, He did make a way. Through His son. Through His life, we lose ours. When Jesus sacrificed Himself, God sent forth that we would no longer be guilty. He calls us blameless through Jesus. Through Jesus we have a new path. 

Tonight, understand that you are free. You are set apart for a reason. God wants you to be free from sin. He calls you wanted, loved, His. The balls are in your courts now. 

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