“Why We Should Keep Lifting our Hands.” By: Melodie Rose Jordan.

This specific topic came across my mind today as I was playing worship music. I was really getting into the tune that was playing and without any hesitant thought, I lifted my hands in praise. I don’t really dwell on where I’m doing it or who is watching me from the car next over, I just know lifting my hands is an act of acknowledgement. I have something sad to admit though, I didn’t used to be this way at all. I used to think people who raised their hands while singing were abnormal and it used to make me uncomfortable. Of course, at the time I was very new to Christianity and the whole meaning of worship. Now today though, I can go out into a public place and will lift my hands because I know Who I am signing to and how much praise/worship means to me. If you are at the either one of these places, I want to share two verses that back up what I am saying. 

Lifting hands of praise. Lift up Holy hands in prayer and praise the lord. Psalms 134:2

Boom! Right there it says it! Lift up Holy hands in prayer and praise. What that is saying is when we lift our hands during worship, we are acknowleding God and the goodness that He is. Jesus loves when we give our whole bodies to Him while we sing songs. He doesn’t pay attention to the clothes you wear, the lighting in building, the song that’s on. Jesus is more concerned about how your heart is worshiping Him. When we fully give ourselves over to Him in praise, He gives us the praise right back. He loves those who lift Him up. 

Lifting hands of pain: Listen to my prayer for mercy as I cry out to you for help, as I lift my hands toward your holy sanctuary. Psalms 28:2 

This one is a bit more difficult. When we’re dealing with trials and pain, it’s hard to imagine praising anything through that. You see, that’s when God works the best. He loves those who acknowledge their pain, yet still lift their hands to Him, trusting that He is there. It’s very easy to praise God when things are fine and dandy. On the days where anger creeps in, the days where the ache from loneliness wont stop agonizing you, that’s the best time to worship God. You can release of that negative adrenaline to God and He will replace it with peace. David is the perfect example of how we should praise God. He went through a numerous amount of pain and sorrow and He still looked up to God and endlessly showed love and praise to His maker. 

So, a different perspective for you? Next time you’re caught in worship hesitating to fully give yourself to because fear of judgement, remember who and why you’re worshiping. God freely gave us this beautiful world. To live, breathe, and work for Him. The most we could do is worship our beautiful king. ❤ 


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