“Spiritually Seeking.” By: Melodie Rose Jordan.

“So letting your sinful nature control your mind leads to death. But letting the Spirit control your mind leads to life and peace.” Romans‬ ‭8:6‬

I want you to really read the verse above once more and close your eyes. I want you to see God through His Spirit. Let Him reveal Himself to you in an intimate way. Ask yourself this question: “how are you viewing the world? Are you viewing with your eyes? Or through your spirit? This is a very important question and once you are done reading this blog today, take the time to reflect on this question. 

Today, I spent a lot of time viewing the lake today. How the winds caused the waves to shift back and forth. The sun was so bright and clear, it glistened on the water, causing a beautiful reflection. I looked up at the sky and it was so blue and so vast. I felt God showing me what it’s like viewing life through His Spirit. Most people would just say “it’s just a lake” or  “the sky is there every single day, what’s the big deal?” Well, the “big deal” is that God created this beauty for us as a reflection of Himself. The water was so clear and so bright, just like how Jesus is when we allow Him to work within our lives. He shows us that He is always there, even if the trials makes our waters rough. The skies are a resemblance of how God is. He’s so much bigger, wider, and higher than we can possibly imagine. He goes through peeks and valleys for us to show how much He cares. Today this thought occurred to me: instead of only seeing through your eyes, look with your spirit instead. What I mean by this is, our spirit is God’s spirit. It’s a gift to us. This verse is exactly what God is trying to tell us: when we see through our own perspective, we are going to miss out on the much bigger picture. When we see through God’s spirit, we see the image so much clearer. We are always going to let worry, sorrow, and fear lead us down a path of anguish if we choose to see through the spirit of sin. The spirit of God is a sight that only shows the truth. This life does have love, grace, and mercy. I want to be bounded by the spirit of God not sin. God wants us to seek Him so we can have our focus point shifted to Him. I have been holding on to chains of confusion, frustration, and discouragement for far too long. I have only let my eyes see, not my faith. That’s why God hasn’t revealed Himself us to Him. What would be the point of seeking after a God that we have if we could understand how is power and love work? He wants us follow Him and know that He is for us through believing not seeing. “For we live by believing and not by seeing.” 2 Corinthians‬ ‭5:7

When the waves are crashing, trust that God will lead you back to shore. When the skies are covered in dark clouds, trust that the beautiful, blue sky is still there. When the spirit of sin robs you of your peace, choose to see through the spirit of God. Pray to God right now and ask Him to help you see your life through the spirit. 

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