“Give Thanks.” By: Melodie Rose Jordan.

It is that time of year again. The cities around you may have or are starting to put up the Christmas decorations. The ‘snow birds’ from up north are all traveling down (I’m glad they are bringing the cold weather with them.) It is that time of the year where we all gather around with our loved ones to be merry and bright. But, this season is the only time where commercial ads express the terms “gratitude” and “giving.” I have seen probably 20 commercials on “give the perfect gift this season!” While that game station or expensive bottle of perfume may suffice for your loved one, do you really show how grateful you are for just them? What about giving the gifts of “love” and “kindness.” 

This blog post today is just a reminder from Jesus that when we pass around the potatoes at the dinner table with Grandma, think about what He said while He was sharing bread at His own Supper: “Do this in remembrance of me.” Sure, we all know that famous verse is what we use for communion. But, I believe there is a lot more to that message. While it is wonderful to be around your close ones and sharing memories, there is a lost soul right outside the cold, aching for same warm embrace. We should remember that the time we have with our family is so crucial. We should not take that for granted. Jesus knew just several hours after He had His last Supper, He were to die on the cross. He still went through the agony and betrayal and won. What a miraculous thing to be grateful for!

This season, remember to thank Jesus for all the blessings He has done. Remember to thank Him for giving up His last breath on the cross so you and I could take our first. Remember to always be gracious to your Heavenly Father, the people who support you, and the people who give up their time to serve our country. There are a lot of people who are so gracious just receiving a letter from there 5 year old child who made a new friend today while there is a war right outside their tent, wondering if that letter will be the last thing they see.

“give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18.

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