“Today.” By: Melodie Rose Jordan.



Today I awoke to the sun shining through my blinds.  It was an early rise, and as my body prepared for a new day, my mind seemed to be still asleep. As my I filled the soles of my shoes, I wondered who or what could fill the emptiness of my soul? I went throughout my day, my mind racing with agonizing thoughts. Who am I? Why am here? Am I even worth the breath I take? Will anyone look at me and see the beauty past my flaws? I could feel my heart pounding, but I didn’t really feel alive. I looked around to other lost faces that surrounded me. I wonder if they awoke to the same question as I did today. I look at my life at times and think what is my purpose? What am I called to do? This world is so vast and wide, so many explorations to embark on. I just can’t seem to get past today. I can’t get passed the never ending questions that life throws at me to slow me down. Until today. Today I heard a voice. It spoke to me so softly, it made my insides freeze. It calmed all my anxiety and fear I felt today. This voice simply told me two words:


I’m everything. The two exact words I needed to hear. Tears began to fall and I fell on my knees. This beautiful voice reminded me that this life He gave me was a gift. I am to use this gift to give back to Him. Jesus is my constant reminder that when I feel lost in this world, I can find Him. When I feel useless, He sees me as perfect. When I feel like I don’t amount to anything, He sees me as His daughter. When this world tries to break me to pieces, He constantly mends me back together. I will fall a thousand times, but I will always be by my Father’s feet, waiting for Him to pick me back up again.

So, today. Today I will rise up and smile. Today I will look past my  insecurities because my Father calls me good enough. Today I will be Melodie and I will love others as I love myself. Because today is a new beginning. Today we are all together. Today is a beautiful day.

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