“Comfort for Eternity.” By Melodie Rose Jordan

So, I’m going a little differently here with this blog post. A little unknown fact about me is: I kinda have a huge thing for poetry. It’s so important to me that we should all have a way of expressing our feelings (in a positive way, of course) as well as in a unique way. Well, I’ve always used that with poetry. Here is my oldest poem called “Comort for Eternity.” Basically it’s about how love (Jesus’s love) makes me feel. It’s the best love in the world! I hope you like it! 

“My love, you have longed returned! My heart once beating anxiously, now it’s returned to peace. I no longer have to fake a smile to hide my emotions. My body is tingling with joy, My eyes are bright and full of excitement! 

If I were a ship, I would be sailing smoothly on open vast waters of clearness and fulfillment.

Oh, how this feeling can bring one broken soul, into a new light of content.
I can’t help but smile when you talk to me,

You make me feel so overwhelming happy with how you graciously love me. 
You light up my world like a firework. 
You hold my heart in your hands, refusing to let it drop.
All I think of is you, holding me in your grasp. 

Your gentle words against my ear make my insides soothe with content. 
Nothing around me distracts my attention from this moment.

Just knowing you love me, is what I’m thinking of the most.
You’re the soothing waves, to the see of endless compassion. You’re my comfort for eternity.”


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