21 years. 

So today marks another year of my life. I am now 21 years old. I can hardly believe I have lived over two decades! (lol) as I look  back on the years I have lived so far, I have to look to the Heavens and smile at my beautiful, Heavenly Father. I wouldn’t be here if it was not for him. I also need to thank all the people who have journeyed with me as well. Even the ones who have departed from it. I am striving to be the woman of God that I am supposed to be. I love that this verse at the top shapes the exact objective of a Chrisitan life. We are called to pursue love and righteousness. It is very easy at the age I am now to get off track from God and to live the ways of the world, but I guess that’s why being a Christian is also being sacrificial. To all that read this, whatever age you are in, you are never too far from God. Open your mind and yeilds your heart to His spirit and He will change your life. 

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