“Finding Beauty Through this Life” By: Melodie Rose Jordan

I just love nature. I love how every spring, flowers start to bloom in all sorts of places, creating a beautiful scenery of colors and shapes. Every morning as my sleep deprived self wakes up at 6 to rush to the car to beat morning traffic, I am given the free gift of seeing the sun peak beyond the horizon, creating rays of sunlight with colors of red, yellow, and orange. That is when I am reminded that I sometimes take little things like that for granted. Do you feel like this as well? Do you feel that you are so focused on the stresses of life and you forget to stop and embrace the beauty that is around you? I can raise my hand to that. We really need to give God some credit. It took God only SEVEN days to create this gynormous world we live in. How he brought us the coasts of Hawaii, the most extravagant of flowers, and the most rarest and awe inspiring animals into existence. And we often do not take the time to sit and thank Him for that. It may sound weird saying this, but we need to be more thankful for nature. I’m not saying you need to say “God, thank you so much for giving us squirrels and letting me witness it eating nuts.” I’m saying that this life, this Earth, is a gift from God. Take Adam and Eve for example. God created everything for THEM (us included). He willingly allowed us to have everything that was made in His image and God’s only request was to not eat from the tree of knowledge. And of course, here comes the serpent, acting like he knows best and both Adam and Eve fell into there own desires instead of listening to God and made sin our path. God had everything set for us and it was taken because of temptation! It was taken because Adam and Eve didn’t take the time to see the beauty in what they already had, they thought they needed more. They thought they can outdo God. I’m telling you right now we have and are still at that place. When God closes a door, we want Him to immediately open the next one. But, God is saying to be still and know He is God (Pslam 46:10). 

You see, God knows what is the absolute best for us. And sometimes that means we need to slow down and be grateful for what we already have. Seek beauty in everything. Once you allow your heart to be humble and grateful for the things you do have, God will grant you the desires of your heart. (Psalm 37:4.) only if it’s in His Will and will be something that will prosper your life and to not harm it (Jeremiah 29:11). So, take this time to look at your life. Are there some things in you have that you need to be grateful for? Take some thinking and pray on one thing that you need to be more thankful for. God will show you your heart. (Psalm 139:23.) I’m praying for you! Let God show you the beauty in your life. 🙂 

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