“Clouds.” by: Melodie Rose Jordan

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

The wind was blowing the trees in a way where it looked like the branches were dancing. The sky looked like it was a painting. The sun was rising in the east corner across the mountains, its color a bright, orange red. It was so bright that you could see the dew sitting on the forest green grass. I awoke to the perfect setting. “This is it. I thought, I’m finally going to Arkansas. I’m finally going to go see Heather.” As I hugged my dad goodbye and headed to board the plane, my heart was racing. When the plane took off, all I could do was hold my breath. I slowly looked out the window and saw God’s creation. I gasped softly and my eyes widened with awe. I couldn’t even grasp on how breathtaking this view was. I slunk back into my seat and began to drift off with a smile on my face. “This is a dream come true.” I said to myself as I closed my eyes into a peaceful sleep.

“Alright passengers! We are now deporting into Arkansas airport! Thank you so much for choosing to fly with us and enjoy your stay in Arkansas!” As I felt the wheels of the airplane begin to ascend to the ground my heart jumped with excitement. It was pouring rain and and all I could really see were green hilltops peaking through the misty clouds. Arkansas was already beautiful and I was only at the airport. As I got off and entered inside the airport building I felt like running and dancing. This was the first trip I’ve been on since I was in high school. But, what was very special about this trip was that I was seeing where my mom grew up and unfortunately…where she died. Yes, my mother passed away almost 20 years ago in a car accident. And all my life I wanted to go and learn more about her, what she was like and the legacy she left behind. The whole trip was pretty emotional and life changing. I am so blessed that God made this happen for me. Clouds and stars have a special meaning in my heart because when I look up at them, I feel as though she’s looking down at me. I know she is in a better place. I know one day I am going to see her again, forever praising our Lord Jesus together. 

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